quarta-feira, janeiro 13, 2016

Denominador versus Numerador

"My key message was that we need to avoid getting distracted. It’s easy and understandable to get consumed by the amazing technology ... But, at the end of the day, from a business perspective, the key question remains: where’s the money?
There will be profound shifts in both value creation and value capture in the years ahead. [Moi ici: Imaginam já a quantidade de futuros coitadinhos a pedir providências cautelares ou proteccionismo, ou outra treta qualquer para os proteger do futuro]
[Moi ici: Sublinho a terminologia que vai ser usada de seguida, terminologia que comecei a usar há muitos anos] The automotive industry has traditionally focused more on the denominator of that equation – ensuring that we get from Point A to Point B as efficiently, safely and comfortably as possible. I suggest that the winners in terms of value creation in the future will be those who focus on the numerator of the equation – what value are we experiencing once we get to Point B? And is Point B the highest value destination for us, given our unique context and aspirations? The value for us is much more in the destination than in the movement itself – for most of us, most of the time, mobility is simply a means to an end, it isn’t the end itself."
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