segunda-feira, janeiro 04, 2016

Conhece os seus clientes estratégicos (parte II)

"The way in which strategic customers are distinguished from others differs from one organization to another. In practice we quite often find pyramids with customer tiers or ‘A/B/C’ rankings. Also the definition of strategic customers varies and criteria are company specific.
A Strategic Customer is: a customer whose current and potential value to us is high and to whom our (potential) value is significant as well. It is a customer who makes us change and who is willing and committed to change with us.
Once we have distinguished true strategic customers from the other customers, we have a solid basis to differentiate sales approaches and resource allocation accordingly. With our strategic customers we can drive change and transform the business
Strategic value reflects the extent to which a particular customer is helping (and sometimes forcing) us to move into our chosen strategic direction. ... Does the direction in which the customer is moving suit our strategic direction (strategic fit)? Is this a customer who ‘makes us change’? Strategic customers are typically customers who make us change. In a close cooperation between suppliers and customers joint value innovation takes place, in many cases transforming the seller and buyer business."
Gostei desta definição de cliente estratégico.
Trechos retirados de "Transformational Sales Making a Difference with Strategic Customers"

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