terça-feira, dezembro 15, 2015

Valorizar a aprendizagem

A propósito de:
"So where do organizational capabilities come from?.
Wrong answer: Organizational capabilities come from researching “best business practice.” I often have executives come to Stanford thinking they will write down inert ideas told to them by professors. There can be some value in this exercise, but frankly you could parrot inert ideas more efficiently using information technology. Besides, everybody else can easily find out these inert ideas too. A list of best practices will not make you a great company, any more than finding a recipe will make you a great cook.
Right answer: Design your organization so that it develops new capabilities. We know that some companies learn much better than others. Make it your job, as a leader, to help your organization be better at learning. Structure your organization so that your people must engage with important, unsolved problems. Establish routines that allow for failure and reward those who try to discover – regardless of the ultimate outcome. Build a culture that values discovering over knowing, becoming over being. Lead by design, and don’t forget the secret: There is no secret."
Recordei-me logo da empresa deste postal "As pessoas e as empresas com futuro experimentam, são como as crianças" e do postal de ontem "Aprendizagem".
Trecho retirado de "The secret".

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