segunda-feira, dezembro 14, 2015

Um mundo que teima em não estar quieto

Tanta gente a suspirar por providências cautelares para fazer face a um mundo que teima em não estar quieto "Is Pharma Ready for the Future?":
"As a whole, the healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Global spending on healthcare has been soaring, and several countries have introduced initiatives intended to control healthcare costs.
These macro trends will challenge pharma companies to improve and transform their operations and manufacturing. Producing and delivering ever more complex product portfolios at a lower cost, in an ever-increasing number of markets — while also meeting stringent quality requirements — is challenging in the extreme. Big pharma has lagged behind its corporate cousins from other industries in truly advancing the way it operates: Drug makers have used virtually the same batch-based manufacturing model for decades. Restrictive federal regulations, slowly advancing technology, a healthy and consistent profit portfolio, and a collective belief there was no real need for change are all equally responsible for this lack of movement."
No entanto, cheira-me que esta evolução tem por principal vector o aumento da eficiência. Tenho dúvidas é que o modelo de produção do futuro seja o da produção em massa. Ameaçadas pelo corte nas margens, a indústria reage apostando no corte dos custos. E a personalização da oferta?
Até porque:
"Although continuous manufacturing is the wave of the near future, the advent of chemputing — what’s commonly called the 3D printing of drugs — is also not far behind. 3D printing is already profoundly influencing many processes and sectors, including the manufacture of clothing and toys and healthcare applications such as the development of custom prostheses for amputees.
The technology has the potential to revolutionize the pharma industry even more than continuous manufacturing."

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