sexta-feira, dezembro 11, 2015


Esta corda ninja já me acompanha há alguns anos.
Serve de metáfora para o viajar até ao futuro para ver como é, e regressar ao presente para que o futuro seja a causa do presente.

Isto a propósito deste texto que me recomendaram, obrigado, "How Business Planning and Reporting Can Kill Innovation", com o exemplo da Amazon:
"There are very simple and easy ways to reintroduce the creative capacity in our organisations. One is to skip the report altogether and start backwards. Literally.
A company who do it well are Amazon.
After an idea is generated they start by writing a press release as if the product or service is ready for launch. They bring it to life.
It’s mocked up with pictures of the product and quotes from (imaginary) customers about how life changing it has been. It’s passed around internally at the company, so that they can get feedback on the product, and to solicit any questions.
After getting an initial response (did it create a buzz?) and people adding their own ideas (building ideas — never destroying) it’s passed to a product development team to work it up."

BTW, em tempos li e ficou-me retido "What is pretotyping?":

"Simply put, pretotyping is the art and science of faking it before making it. Where it refers to an innovative product or service.
A pretotype is a partially mocked-up of the intended product or service that can be built in minutes, hours or days instead of weeks, months or years. The art and science of pretotyping is aimed to help innovators:
  • Decide what features can – and should – be mocked-up (or dramatically simplified).
  • Use mock-ups to test and collect feedback and usage data systematically.
  • Analyze usage data to determine their next step."

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