quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2015

PME na bolsa? Seria mau, mesmo mau

Recomendo a leitura de "Be Your Own Activist Investor" para todos aqueles que pensam em fazer com que as PME entrem na bolsa:
"1. Go big and go fast. Reducing costs by 10 percent, net of investments, over three years used to be a stretch target for many companies. No more. Activist investors routinely expect management teams to slash expenses by 20 percent or more, and to achieve half of that goal in the first 12 to 18 months.
2. Start with head count.
To achieve stretch goals in a far shorter time frame, you have to start reducing head count right away, taking out layers of upper and middle management and perhaps a part of your frontline workforce — all in advance of process and system changes.
3. Justify what to keep, not what to kill. All spending is investment. Every cost is a choice. The secret to unlocking growth through cost reduction is to make deliberate choices: not about what to cut from your budget, but about where to invest."
Isto pode fazer sentido para quem compete pelo preço, para quem tem de ser eficiente, para quem tem de reduzir custos... poucas são as PME que competem desta forma com sucesso.
BTW, isto é mesmo verdade:
"The more time people spent justifying past practices, the more threatened they felt by change." 

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