quinta-feira, dezembro 31, 2015

"Innovation from little companies, efficiencies from big companies"

"How to Mitigate the Downside of Success" é muito mais rico. No entanto, vou puxar a brasa a uma das minhas sardinhas preferidas:

  • David, PME vs eficientismo dos Golias, todos em Mongo
"RAND’s growth as an organization also led to a decline in its culture of innovation. From 1948 to 1962, RAND grew from 225 employees with a $3.5 million annual budget to 1,100 employees with a more than $20 million annual budget, according to the researchers. Growth has benefits, but RAND’s expansion beyond a face-to-face organization led individuals to stick safely with the people and thus the ideas they knew, instead of mingling freely. Big organizations also tend to hire people who conform to conventional methods and thinking instead of challenging them; meanwhile, the ambitious intellectual renegades leave, the researchers say. RAND’s growth also created layers of administrators and more bureaucratic processes such as meetings, committees, and other “red tape” that drowned out intellectual creativity, the researchers found.
The larger organizations become, they become better and better at eliminating that element of innovation, unless they work to save it,” says Augier.
You innovate, you’re successful, and you exploit your discovery. … Innovation from little companies, efficiencies from big companies.”"
Oh, wait "How Market Share Is Changing Around the World"

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