quarta-feira, dezembro 09, 2015

Acerca da concorrência imperfeita

Uma outra forma de dizer que se tem de promover a concorrência imperfeita:
"The goal of every business is to defy markets. Any firm at the mercy of supply and demand will find itself unable to make an economic profit - that is profit over and above its cost of capital. In other words, unless a firm can beat Adam’s Smith’s invisible hand, investors would be better off putting their money in the bank.
That leaves entrepreneurs and managers with two viable strategies: rent seeking and innovation.
Innovation is far more valuable because it raises the productivity of both capital and labor.
Unlike rent seeking, innovation creates new value that didn’t exist before."
E não esquecer, inovação pode passar por mudar de modelo de negócio, como em "Stitch Fix Combines High Tech And High Touch To Transform Retail".

Trechos retirados de "Innovation Is The Only True Way To Create Value"

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