quarta-feira, novembro 11, 2015

"Remember, nobody ever wants to pay for compliance"

Tantos concorrentes ainda sem terem visto a luz:
"If you are selling a tax return, forget about the tax return. What does the customer actually need from us today to make their business better? They may need a compliance document required by the government, but we all know it offers them no real value. What they want to pay for is something that's going to help them long term. That's why it's a lot easier to sell and provide tax planning over tax compliance because a customer can see the value.
Remember, nobody ever wants to pay for compliance."
Esta é a verdade:
"If firms don't change their pricing model, accountants will either have 25,000 customers or they won't make any money. The choice is yours.
That said, the bulk of the profession isn't there yet. Value pricing a business is disruptive to most CPA firms' core management and cultural philosophies. It disrupts how we manage our employees and our sense of control. That creates vulnerability, which is terrifying to those who believe in "old school" time and billing. It completely changes how we interact with our teams and our customers. It requires a new level of trust and authenticity -- which is terrifying to a traditional CPA firm because firm management loses a sense of control."
BTW, o mundo da qualidade ainda está mais atrasado...

Trechos retirados de "Value Pricing: Is Your Firm Ready?"

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