segunda-feira, novembro 02, 2015

Prioridades da customização

"“if you were consulting with a company that was going to begin offering custom products, what would be the five things they’d need to do in order to succeed?” Here’s what he had to say:
1) Focus on adding customer value!
2) Get your customizable options right. It’s less about unlimited options and more about offering exactly the options where customers want choice.
3) Customize your customization. Get a configurator that adapts automatically to different customer profiles and any background information you have about a customer.
4) Don’t underestimate the challenges of scalability. Delivering a few custom products is easy; fulfilling a high volume of custom orders in a limited time frame can be very hard.
5) View customization as a journey. Flexibility and the ability to rapidly adapt and change your product offerings are some of the key advantages of mass customization."

"The 5 Keys of Customization with Professor Frank Piller"

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