terça-feira, novembro 03, 2015

Destruir uma marca é tão fácil

"Desperate to replace the subscribers it was losing, Time ran blatantly promotional ads that were disconnected from the traditional image campaign it had under way - one that emphasized the heritage and quality of Time journalism and highlighted the brand’s personality. Thus the magazine unwittingly set up an experiment, and the results quickly flooded in. The promotional ads were so effective that Time soon killed off its brand campaign. A truly sad aspect of the case is that the editors had been working hard to create a better Time for a sped-up era. They knew they had one of the strongest brands for news in a world that had suddenly become news-obsessed. Their circulation-focused colleagues, by doubling down on the “call now” offers, not only failed to communicate that - they implicitly conveyed a lack of faith in the brand."

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