sexta-feira, novembro 13, 2015

Acerca da heterogeneidade

"This situation raises the crucial question of why firms pursuing unsuccessful strategies do not change to more successful strategies, including possibly imitating the winners. Another way of stating this question is in terms of firm heterogeneity: why do firm differences persist once strategic and organizational recipes for success become known?
The first point to recognize is that heterogeneity does not always persist. In some industries, imitation is relatively easy and firms simply follow the leaders. In others, selection processes are so severe and rapid that unsuccessful firms are eliminated before their managers can figure out what is going on. This appears to be the case especially in industries driven by strong economies of scale, such as beer brewing, where thousands of firms have gone under in a relatively short period, reducing heterogeneity enormously. In many instances, however, firm heterogeneity persists for long periods."
Um tema que sempre me fez espécie, tanta gente que olha para um sector económico como um todo homogéneo. Recordar o Senhor dos Perdões.
Trecho retirado de "A Sociological View On Why Firms Differ" de Glenn R. Carroll e publicado no
Strategic Management Journal, Volume 14, Issue 4 (May, 1993), 237-249.

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