sexta-feira, outubro 09, 2015

"The greatest opportunities of our time"

Combinar "É meter código nisso" + "estratégia" + "uma alternativa" e tem-se algo como "Why Benny Landa Is Still In The Print Business":
"People are constantly telling Benny Landa that his business — print — is dead. After all, who needs it in the digital age? He remarks that people are amazed when they hear what he does and more or less say: “You’re in steam engines — haven’t you heard of the iPad?”"
Dá para recordar logo:
"When something is commoditized, an adjacent market becomes valuable"
 Voltando ao texto inicial:
"Landa calls his latest printing innovation “Nanography” — and he already has orders for more than US$1b worth of presses, the first of which will ship later this year.
Traditional presses churn out long runs of identical pages. Digital presses made it possible for every page to be different, but they have proved to be slower and print on smaller sheets than traditional printing — making them more expensive for all but the shortest of jobs. With the Nanography presses and their super-efficient “nanopigment colorants,” Landa aims to give digital print a bigger share of the market."
O que é que pode haver mais parecido com o "É meter código nisso" do que:
"“The greatest opportunities of our time are in bringing high-tech science to low-tech industry, leading smokestack enterprises into the digital era,” he says."

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