domingo, outubro 11, 2015

Relação é muito mais do que simpatia

"Relationship in business is not about brand value, brand awareness, linkages on social media or knowing the name of your customer’s dog. Relationship in this context is knowing what makes your customer successful in terms of positive outcomes when they engage your company and how you contribute to the value outcome. Customer’s purchase things to achieve particular outcomes that drive value. Relationship in business is about knowing what those desired outcomes may be even before the customer knows it themselves. Relationship building is about more than just one customer at a time. It is about the aggregation of knowledge that can be achieved by direct participation in post-sale activities with a broad array of customers.
We found that companies who valued having customer success-based or outcome-based relationships with their customers came to understand their customer’s markets better. They were better able to anticipate needs and react to market changes more rapidly than their competitors."

Trechos retirados de "Powered by Customers: Relationship Is Key to Surviving 100 Years in Business" de Douglas Morse e publicado por Journal of Creating Value 1(1) 101 –107

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