sexta-feira, outubro 16, 2015

Propaganda libertária

Estamos sempre a ouvir a propaganda: os humanos se não tiverem chefes, se não tiverem líderes, se não tiverem pastores não se governam, e nesse caso seria o caos, seria o fim do mundo, a anarquia.
Por isso, nem sei como deixam passar este tipo de notícias subversivas para os jornais, "Should we scrap every traffic light in Britain? After 42 lights at one of Britain's most complicated junctions fail and flow improves critics call for a signal free system":
"Something very strange has been happening in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Last week, the 42 traffic lights at the busy Grovehill junction in the east of the town stopped working.
The reason had something to do with the bewildering nest of wires in a control box, and so the repair took a few days.
You would have thought that chaos and lengthy tailbacks would have ensued. After all, the lights manage 20 different traffic flows and nine pedestrian crossings in a fiendishly complex pattern that’s become notorious as one of Britain’s most complicated junctions.
Doubtless, there must have been more than a few accidents — shunts, head-on collisions, perhaps the odd pedestrian sprawled on a bonnet. However, much to the bewilderment of traffic experts, the absence of the lights had the very opposite effect.
The traffic flowed far more quickly and smoothly. And what’s more, there were no accidents."
Como não recordar o filme em "O vector tempo não é irrelevante"

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CCz disse...

ainda vamos ter os governos a obrigar-nos a "comer" uma quota diária de publicidade na internet