segunda-feira, outubro 26, 2015

Poesia subversiva

"the linear dogma so prevalent in the world of science and politics - that science drives innovation, which drives commerce - is mostly wrong. It misunderstands where innovation comes from. Indeed, it generally gets it backward.
When you examine the history of innovation, you find, again and again, that scientific breakthroughs are the effect, not the cause, of technological change. It is no accident that astronomy blossomed in the wake of the age of exploration. The steam engine owed almost nothing to the science of thermodynamics, but the science of thermodynamics owed almost everything to the steam engine. The discovery of the structure of DNA depended heavily on X-ray crystallography of biological molecules, a technique developed in the wool industry to try to improve textiles.
Technological advances are driven by practical men who tinkered until they had better machines; abstract scientific rumination is the last thing they do."
Eu gosto disto!!!
Por isso, é que o professor Daniel Bessa em 2005 profetizava o fim da indústria do calçado em Portugal. Por isso, tenho apreço pelos que fuçam, pelos que descobriram um caminho, uma alternativa. Por que não escutaram os professores não sabiam que não havia caminho alternativo. Por isso, construíram-no.

Trecho retirado de "The Myth of Basic Science"

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