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"The MIT professor credits some of the Chinese slowdown to the steady march of "near-shoring" (or reshoring) which is building products near the client
 "15% of U.S. companies responded that they were "definitively" planning" to move production back to the USA." The Professor identified a more recent survey showing a doubling of Reshoring with "32% already completed the process of Reshoring or was close to finishing so they could "meet end-market demand." Even more reassuring is the fact that "48% said near-shoring activities are likely within the next one to three years."
The professor believes that "the world is in the middle of a transformation, with companies moving from a global manufacturing strategy, whose focus is on low-cost countries, to a more regional strategy, where China is for China, the United States (or Mexico and Latin America) is for the Americas.""
Recordar Maio de 2006 e "O regresso dos clientes" e conjugar com "Recuperação de pólo industrial em Famalicão gera 500 postos de trabalho até 2017" onde se pode ler ler:
"Grande parte do investimento está a ser canalizada para a unidade de acabamento e tricotagem onde estão a ser montados os primeiros 68 de um total de 192 teares."
Isto é um sinal de quê?
Trecho retirado de "Four Teutonic Shifts Boost USA Manufacturing & Cause China's Stumble"

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