sexta-feira, outubro 30, 2015

Os consumidores, mudam e a oferta?

Ainda ontem em "Mongo e o café" referimos a importância crescente do "single serve food".
Nem de propósito, hoje encontrei "The Customers Who Are Happy to Pay More for Less":
"Size is perhaps the most neglected marketing tool.
It seems that marketing managers seldom question the product sizes they’ve inherited.
When marketers do change product sizes, it’s nearly always in one direction: up. This makes financial sense in industries with high fixed costs and low variable costs: larger sizes enable the company to charge higher prices that, even if they are just slightly larger, absorb a higher portion of fixed costs, while reducing packaging cost per volume and attracting value-minded consumers.
To begin with, reducing product size for a given (or less than proportionally reduced) price can is a great cost-cutting strategy when most of the costs are variable rather than fixed, when the production and transaction costs of selling more units are low, and when the cost of packaging increases with product size.
The bottom line is that many marketers are ignoring a powerful and simple tool for improving margins. By thinking strategically about size as well price, and by balancing the effects of the two levers, they will find many ways to make more by selling less."
O artigo lista 5 situações em que os consumidores podem preferir pagar um custo unitário superior para aceder a doses mais pequenas.

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