sexta-feira, outubro 23, 2015

Mongo e a vantagem das PME

Bem na linha daquilo que defendemos há vários anos.
Admitindo a hipótese de nos estarmos a entranhar num mundo económico a que chamo, metaforicamente, de Mongo, a vantagem vai para as PME.
"Mass customization is a trend that many businesses of varying size and scale have dabbled in. In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, it’s a smart idea to create custom offerings that meet the specific demands of customers. However, not every organization is able to capitalize on this phenomenon the way they would like to.
With so many options for how they can tailor their offerings to satisfy customers, why haven’t all companies taken advantage of mass customization? One reason is that the profits generated from mass customization are considered “small” for many corporate giants. However, SMBs are more willing to craft offerings that appeal to niche markets and not just to the masses.
SMBs have an advantage over corporate giants in regards to mass customization because of their ability to gratify niche markets while still making a profit. Businesses should choose a customization approach that aligns with their goals and satisfies consumers’ requests."
Trechos retirados de "How Mass Customization Can Work for Small Businesses"

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