sexta-feira, outubro 30, 2015

Mongo e os Golias (parte II)

Interessante a frequência com que começam a aparecer artigos sobre as consequências de Mongo para as empresas grandes. Ainda quarta-feira escrevemos "Mongo e os Golias" e logo no dia seguinte encontramos "Time to die":
"There’s a lot written about -  and entire businesses dedicated to  -  transforming organisations to make them fit for the future. These industrial-era firms, or ‘dinosaurs’, present with symptoms that suggest potential extinction, and the impulse is to save them.
believing that organisations could become just as flexible and transient as the people that work for them. They are small, efficient and fast  - creating value where it’s needed before changing into something else. We are already seeing flashes of this approach in ‘pivoting’, but it’s positioned in the context of failure. What if companies weren’t built to endure and grow old, but to live short but beautiful lives?"
Bom para reflexão, sobretudo pela malta dos direitos adquiridos.

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