sábado, outubro 31, 2015

Fazer o by-pass a Kevin O'Leary

"It has long been assumed that companies develop new products for consumers, while consumers are passive recipients — merely buying and consuming what producers create. However, a multidecade effort by many researchers has shown that this traditional innovation paradigm is fundamentally flawed: Consumers themselves are a major source of product innovations.
Recently, this consumers-as-innovators pattern has led to the framing of a new innovation paradigm, in which consumers play a central and very active role. Rather than seeing consumers simply as “the market,” as the traditional innovation model has long taught, this new paradigm centers on consumers and other product users. It explains why consumers are very important innovators who often develop products on their own."
Qual a empresa mais bem preparada para tirar partido deste tipo de interacção, a empresa grande ou a PME?
Com que tipo de empresa trabalharia Kevin O'Leary? Eu escolheria o outro!

Trecho retirado de "The Age of the Consumer-Innovator"

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