domingo, outubro 04, 2015

Empresários portugueses e os outros

Há experiências que temos na nossa vida de contacto com as empresas que ficam sempre gravadas. Ainda me lembro do tempo em que pensava convictamente que isto só acontecia em Portugal com PME portuguesas:
"For example, the tire manufacturer in our qualitative sample developed a new tire casing that allowed it to regroove and retread its tires more often than its competitors could. As a result, customers’ trucks could go tens of thousands of miles more with the vendor’s tires than with any other competitive tire. This tire-related innovation objectively contributed to lowering trucking companies’ total cost of ownership. The manufacturer initially tried to sell its tires at a higher price, but to no avail, likely because customers did not perform tire management in an optimal manner, so they could not reap the benefits of this innovation. Because they did not perceive the value of the higher-priced tire, customers were simply unwilling to pay. [Moi ici: Lembro-me de empresa com produto que permitia reduzir o custo de execução de uma laje, reduzindo fortemente o tempo. Como os empreiteiros não faziam contas estão a imaginar a dificuldade. Lembro-me de empresa com polímero mais denso que permitia velocidades de extrusão mais altas, como os fabricantes de tubagens não faziam contas... ] Over time, though, the manufacturer learned that its technology-related choices for the tire casing—which represented tangible resources in the form of differentiated goods—offered a unique asset that neither competitors nor third-party service providers could promise."
Trecho retirado de "Hybrid Offerings: How Manufacturing Firms Combine Goods and Services Successfully" publicado em Novembro de 2011 por Journal of Marketing

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