sexta-feira, outubro 30, 2015

Duas posturas bem diferentes

Duas perspectivas bem diferentes:
"One of its biggest problems was the crippling cost of customer acquisition.
The Obsession With Growth
Homejoy is far from being the lone example of a Silicon Valley startup to prioritize growth over revenue.
In retrospect, expanding too quickly into new markets proved to be a major challenge for Homejoy, and put the entire company at risk.
Moreover, by focusing on growth above all else, other projects to boost retention and reduce costs fell to the wayside."
Trechos retirados de "Why Homejoy Failed — Backchannel"


"people tend to think that that has the entrepreneur who's gonna go start a high-tech company that's gonna blast off quickly and get acquired am here to tell you that there's a whole different side to be an entrepreneur which is just being a small businessperson"
BTW, tudo para dar para o torto, mas eu só sou um anónimo engenheiro da província:
"Loss-making "ready to cook" meal delivery company HelloFresh is readying a Frankfurt stock market listing that looks to capitalize on its rapid global expansion, rising consumer demand for convenience and investor appetite for tech flotations.
HelloFresh also said revenue swelled 384 percent to 198 million euros in the first nine months of 2015, while losses rose to 58 million from 8.5 million a year before.
"In only four years, we have managed to disrupt the traditional food supply chain and build a global company," co-founder and CEO Dominik Richter said." 
Trechos retirados de "Loss-making online meal delivery firm HelloFresh plans flotation"

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