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Uma sugestão para reflexão estratégica na agricultura

Até que ponto algumas explorações agrícolas em Portugal, sobretudo as que se encontram na proximidade de cidades com alguma dimensão podem usar esta sugestão para diversificar as suas fontes de rendimento e fugir da guerra do eficientismo?
"Increasingly, farmers around the U.S. are adding a new crop of sorts, called agritourism– everything from farm stays and tours to restaurants and weddings. It’s a way to diversify revenue streams and establish a connection with the public.
The farm’s own products all carry the label of Animal Welfare Approved, an organization which audits small farms according to strict standards to assure they’re using the most humane and sustainable farming practices.
The store also sells the farm’s honey, local cheeses, yogurt, local crafts and woolen socks —  courtesy of  the farm’s own alpacas, sheep and llamas.
There are more people that want farm-raised food and want to feel like ‘this is my farmer,’” Clement says.
Until  this year, the café, dinners and catering services accounted for about 25% of total revenue. This year, food services have surged to 40% of sales.
In 1990, she  acquired another 160 acres from a neighboring dairy farm that went out of business – just one of many that had folded in the 1980s in upstate New York. [Moi ici: Acrescentei este parágrafo só para salientar que fui ver o que é que aconteceu nos anos 80 nos Estados Unidos ao sector dos lacticínios... fiquei com a ideia que aconteceu o que vai acontecer agora na UE com o fim das quotas leiteiras. Ou seja, 30 a 40 anos de avanço]
This is the first in an occasional series on how small family farms are diversifying to survive."

Trechos retirados de "How A Hudson Valley Farm Grows New Revenue, From Brunch To 'Goatscaping'"

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