terça-feira, setembro 08, 2015

Mais um sintoma do Estranhistão

Há dias, este tweet do @armando_moreira:
Levou-me até ao número de Agosto da revista Health Club Management e ao seu editorial "Demographics are dead":
"It’s no longer possible to predict consumer behaviour based on long-accepted demographic norms – age, gender, income and so on.
Consumers are no longer behaving as they ‘should’ according to demographic categories, choosing instead to construct their own identities and lifestyles around individual preferences and interests. This in turn has a profound impact on businesses, which must go back to the drawing board to re-assess who their audience really is and what their expectations are.
the shift away from demonstrating status through material possessions, towards status as a product of who you are and what you do. Consumers today are looking for brands to help them achieve this
So can your club be the partner that helps someone achieve the status of completing a marathon or Color Run? [Moi ici: Qual é o JTBD?]"
E ao artigo "Breaking the MOULD":
"Is your business ready for post-demographic consumerism?
Confused? You should be: consumers are increasingly behaving in ways we least expect. These examples give glimpses into one of the most important shifts in consumerism of modern times, and one that will require a fundamental overhaul of the demographic-focused approach that businesses have used to understand and predict consumer behaviour for decades.
we’re entering an age of post-demographic consumerism: one in which the traditional demographic segments – age, gender, income bracket, nationality and more – are becoming less meaningful as predictors of consumer behaviour. Instead, consumers are freer than ever to construct identities and lifestyles of their own choosing."
Mais um sintoma do Estranhistão, há cada vez mais gente fora da caixa tão querida ao Normalistão. Por isso, pensar em nichos, em tribos e em JTBD.

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