sexta-feira, setembro 18, 2015

Characters em vez de personas

Há dias escrevi "JTBD". Depois, acrescentei "Mais um sintoma do Estranhistão":
"It’s no longer possible to predict consumer behaviour based on long-accepted demographic norms – age, gender, income and so on.
Consumers are no longer behaving as they ‘should’ according to demographic categories, choosing instead to construct their own identities and lifestyles around individual preferences and interests."
Agora, relaciono com "Replacing Personas With Characters":
"Because personas focus on creating a story made up of a customer’s attributes, instead of a story that explains a purchase, personas leave the brain in a unsatisfied state. To fix this, in just a split second, the brain decides to make up it’s own story about why Alan bought a particular Tux.
When reading a Persona, the brain craves a story that ties everything together. If the story lacks causality, it will struggle to create that story, and will eventually just make up it’s own causalities — the WYSIATI effect.
To get the brain to accept a story which explains why a consumer bought a product, it needs information presented in a particular way. The best way to deliver this information is to explain a customer’s anxieties, motivations, purchase-progress events, and purchase-progress situations.
When combined, they form what I call Characters.
What anxieties & motivations do you think our customers have / had when purchasing our, or a similar, product?
Do you suppose there were any events that happened which reminded our customer about the problem our product solves?
What situations might our customer encounter which would put them in a position where they had to decide to buy our product or not?"

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