quarta-feira, agosto 19, 2015

O luxo discreto

Excelente artigo, "Luxury Branding Below the Radar", excelente tema. Cada vez mais, clientes com poder de compra querem consumir luxo sem fazer alarde disso.
"For nearly a decade marketers have been talking about the rise of “inconspicuous consumption”: elite consumers’ growing affinity for discreet rather than traditionally branded luxuries.
all of a sudden people were making fun of overt wealth and even taking the labels off their clothes
upper-class consumers have become intrinsically less drawn to overt status symbols
social media have enabled the rise of niche brands
through which like-minded people of any socio­economic stratum can send what Berger calls “subtle signals” to one another. His lab studies have shown that “the educated elite”—say, fashion students choosing which bag to buy—have a significant preference for “discreetly marked products, subtle but distinct styles, or high-end brands that fly beneath the radar,” which gives the providers of those offerings greater longevity than their “more blatant counterparts."
E claro que isto é um problema para muitas marcas:
"Our entire strategy is based on people buying products to signal their social status to others.’" 
O artigo continua com uma série de alternativas para ir ao encontro destes clientes e desta tendência.

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