sábado, junho 20, 2015

"Talvez a solução passe por empresas menos grandes" (parte II)

Neste postal "Talvez a solução passe por empresas menos grandes" terminámos escrevendo:
"Talvez a solução passe por empresas menos grandes, por menos corporações, e mais proximidade com os clientes-alvo."
Em "The Last Mover Advantage" encontro:
"Yet what guarantees Facebook a part in our future? Imagine how much cheaper it would be to replicate Facebook today than it was to build from scratch.[Moi ici: Recordar as minhas profecias acerca das plataformas de 2ª geração]
in a world where the possible becomes more remarkable and easier everyday, it’s always best to have been built only with that new possibility at the core.
This is the age of Digital Darwinism, where technology and society evolve faster than any organization can adapt. The best advantage you can leverage is being built for the newly possible.
Perhaps succession management in companies should no longer be about grooming a replacement but creating new companies or products to take over the role of the establishment for the future."

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