sábado, maio 23, 2015

Mirtilhos, proximidade e normandagem

Que timing!!!
De manhã fui à Biobaga, em Avanca, comprar mirtilhos (variedades Camelia e Palmeto). 
As groselhas ainda precisam de mais 2 ou 3 semanas:
Dá-me um gozo tremendo comprar directamente ao produtor um produto biológico e local!
"If you’re looking for the next organic on a broad scale, better to look toward local local. It is a designation that has become so appealing to consumers that in some ways it is surpassing the popularity — although not yet the dollar value — of organics.
The authenticity halo around organic and natural has begun to fade, and local foods and beverages are poised to surpass them as a symbol of trust and transparency. ... local is no longer merely a bridge between organic and natural; local now speaks to consumer desires for a food system with integrity.
With its connotations of community, economy and environmental stewardship, local offers compelling narratives that include small-scale production and closer, reciprocal relationships with food producers. These authentic stories have become a major part of the shopping, cooking and eating experience for consumers — a key aspect of the movement toward fresh, less processed food. Although some local products may carry prices that put them out of reach for many people, consumers in all segments are turning toward local to help them resolve their confusion and uncertainty surrounding organic certifications and the claims of the organic marketplace. People believe in the integrity of local producers and small farmers, seeing them as deeply invested in the quality of their products."
Claro que aqueles que um dia serão chamados de "os totalitários do século XXI", "equivalentes aos totalitários do século XX" e que, tal como aqueles gozam do apoio da maioria da população, preferem outro mercado... "O saque normando"

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