segunda-feira, abril 20, 2015

Para reflexão profunda

Em "Your Digital Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Attention" encontrei boas propostas de reflexão, sobretudo conjugadas com o que aqui temos escrito sobre o Big Data:
"attention without relation is like revenue without profit: malinvestment.
The real question — the one that counts for leaders and institutions today — isn’t “How loyal can we compel, seduce, or trick our customers into being?” It’s: “How loyal are we to our customers? Do we truly care about them?” Not just as targets consumers, or fans. But as people. Human beings. What every institution needs — and what every leader needs to develop — before a “digital strategy” is a human strategy. If you want to matter to people, you must do more than merely win their fickle, fleeting, frenzied attention. You must help them develop into the people they were meant to be. When you do, maybe, just maybe, they’ll reward you. With something greater than their grudging, wearied attention. Their lasting respect, enduring trust, and undying gratitude."
Parar! Reler e, pensar sobre a capacidade das empresas grandes dialogarem, conhecerem e estabelecerem relações com os seus clientes... e as PME?
"What will your “digital strategy” help them become better at? Does it have a point? Skiing, dating, cooking, coding, creating, building? If the answer is no, you don’t have a strategy. You have a vaudeville show."
Depois, aquela imagem de Luke e Yoda:
 O cliente é o herói, não um zombie parvo:
"I mean that when all you do is earn people’s attention, without trying to earn their respect or trust, they can turn on you on a dime.
Unless you happen to want to spend the rest of your life at war with the people formerly known as your customers. Creating an army of zombie customers is a terrible way to build a great brand."
Sobre a viralidade em vez da relação:
"The holy grail of the digital marketing strategy is “virality.” But the goal of a digital business strategy is connection. One is shallow and fleeting; the other is deep and enduring. Connection means more than just gawping at your “content” when it’s trending. Connection means going beyond the strictures of marketing, and literally forging living, breathing relationships. It requires that you actually empower people to act as advisers, counselors, mentors to your customers … not just plastering your logo on digital billboards, or winning two more Facestagram hearts."
Para finalizar:
"Forget about “building the brand.” Ignore the rules of communication. They were built to sell miraculously mass-made “product” to a stable, secure, sedated middle class forever ascending upwards into the plastic cornucopia of perfect prosperity. .
Instead, focus on giving people what matters most to them — but what they feel cheated of, stymied from, and suffocated by at every turn. Improve their lives. Deliver lasting gains in their quality of life. Don’t just carrot-andstick them into “loyalty.” Be loyal to them. Don’t win their attention — give them your attention. And one tiny interaction at a time, help them live lives richer with meaning, happiness, and purpose. After all, they’re the only people that can help you find something greater, truer, and better than a strategy. A point." 

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