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Uma outra abordagem (parte III)

Parte I e parte II (também podia ser a parte XVIII da série dos tectos de vidro)
"If one assumes that value is embedded in an offering and delivered to the customer, as goods-dominant logic does, then it makes sense to accept any and all customers who might benefit from that value. However, once one realizes that value is only realized through co-creation with a customer, then customer choice becomes critical to success. Success depends on matching the resources and capabilities of the firm and its service network (e.g., partners, suppliers, and employees) with the willingness and ability of a given segment of customers to be part of the service operation based on their expertise, desire for control, access to resources, risk-taking orientation, and the relative priority they place on the value advantages versus disadvantages of distinct service options. A proper match is a source of strategic advantage.
While the customer always participates in value creation, the customer can have a more or less active role in the service provision itself.
In an “enabling” service, the customer is a job (co-)executor who acts in conjunction with the firm to provide service to get a job done. In such instances, the customer is really a service partner to the firm because their knowledge and skills play a prominent role in success or failure."

Como não recordar "selection is key to the development of the experience"

E a sua empresa, escolhe os seus clientes? É conduzida pelo mercado, ou conduz o mercado?

Trechos retirados de "A Service Lens on Value Creation: Marketing's Role in Achieving Strategic Advantage" de Lance A. Bettencourt, Robert F. Lusch e Stephen L. Vargo, publicado no número de Outono de 2014 da California Management Review.

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