sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2015

A história acerca da oferta (parte III)

Parte II.
"in a market, there is always a price to pay, and the price is not just about money down.
Each person will trade off what they get vs. what they pay as they see fit.
The key point for brands is that they need to make it very clear to their customers what the trade-offs are. Most don’t. They don’t carry storylines that explain why consumers are paying what they’re paying and why they’re getting what they pay for. They sell an aspiration – which of course is a key aspect of marketing – but it is an uninformed aspiration because they often don’t position price as an expectation indicator. They still see it, and treat it, just as a cost.
Price, when it is talked about, should be the clear and present underwriter of the experience."
Mesmo numa relação B2B, esta abordagem faz sentido.

Trechos retirados de "Why Price Establishes The Brand Experience"

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