quinta-feira, outubro 23, 2014

"não existem soluções únicas"

Um exemplo interessante em "How Subscriptions Could Save Small Movie Theaters".
Uns, para dar a volta, tentam alterar a experiência do consumidor:
"Large chains are attacking this problem [Moi ici: Os americanos vão cada vez menos ao cinema] by making the movie theater experience more like an amusement park ride. Moving seats, immersive screens, and luxury seats are now a big part of the movie-going experience. But while bells and whistles are giving theater owners a good excuse to raise ticket prices, they’re not necessarily getting more butts in seats."
Outros, para dar a volta, tentam alterar a fórmula de pagamento:
"found a way to offer if not variable pricing, then a pricing structure that makes more sense for small-town movie theaters.
Members pay $20 per month to see as many movies as they want. If the average movie goer then sees three movies per month, she is already getting extra value from her membership."
A beleza de lidar com empresas está nisto, não existem soluções únicas. Uns concentram-se no produto, ou na experiência e tentam subir na escala de valor. Outros, concentram-se numa qualquer outra variável do modelo de negócio.

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