sábado, outubro 25, 2014

Mongo não é um mundo gigantes-friendly!

Quando dimensão e "espírito americano" se conjugam e Mongo, onde as pessoas não gostam de ser tratadas como plankton, entranha-se?
"But underlying it all is a sense of malaise for companies whose once powerful formulas for success left them too big to switch tack quickly when market conditions changed.
“That’s what makes you successful. That also essentially locks you into the current paradigm,” Prof. Gupta says. “You become big, but you become trapped.”
today’s blue chips face difficult challenges, such as globalization, rapid technological change and complex operations. Some have run out of new global locations in which to sell their consumer products. [Moi ici: Tipicamente americano, de dependente da escala do eficientismo] “They are too big to succeed right now,” Mr. Finkelstein says. “Size is an advantage until it becomes a disadvantage.”"

Trechos retirados de "Clouds Darken for America’s Blue-Chip Stocks"

Ver também, na mesma onda:

"Corporate giants are spinning off business lines and breaking themselves up at a near-record pace, as size increasingly looks like a negative to investors concerned about fierce global competition and slower growth.
Big had long been a synonym for better in corporate America—for CEOs expanding their companies and for investors looking for insulation from sudden changes in markets. But these days the sun isn’t shining on empire builders. Investors are pressing companies to part ways with slower-growing businesses and focus their efforts on more-promising operations"
Mongo não é um mundo gigantes-friendly!

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