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Matar a galinha dos ovos de ouro - em directo

"Through the 1970s, Gucci ... stood with Hermès and Chanel in a high-cost, high-willingness-to-pay position, its brand resonating with elegance, wealth, and success."
Em 1984 a Gucci já não passava de uma pálida sombra do que fora como força de marca. Porquê?
Porque luxo está associado a autenticidade e escassez. No entanto, a partir de 1975 a marca Gucci começou a ser aplicada a:
"the Gucci name proliferated like some kind of illness-inducing bacteria. Unbridled licensing plastered the name, along with the red-and-green logo, on sneakers, packs of playing cards, whiskey—in fact, on a total of 22,000 different products."
Ontem o JdN trazia esta história "“Chairman” da Ferrari abandona cargo depois de desacordos com CEO da Fiat". Contudo, a BloombergBusinessWeek  conta melhor a história em "Ferrari's Old Guard Fights Back Against Fiat's Marchionne":
"Marchionne wants to the put the Ferrari brand to work as he pushes to expand Fiat Chrysler’s lineup of high-end cars. Di Montezemelo, who has run Ferrari for 23 years and began his career as an assistant to founder Enzo Ferrari, wants to maintain the company as an autonomous unit within Fiat and safeguard its exclusivity by limiting sales to about 7,000 cars a year.
Marchionne, who wants to develop new markets for Ferrari, said earlier this year that he could envision boosting annual sales to 10,000. That number is minuscule compared to the 4.4 million cars sold by Fiat Chrysler last year. But the profit margins are enormous: Ferrari accounted for 12 percent of Fiat’s operating profit. And with sticker prices ranging from about $200,000 to more than $400,000, Ferrari wants buyers to feel they are members of an exclusive club—owners of “a desirable object par excellence,” as di Montezemelo has put it. His fear is that Fiat Chrysler will over-expose the brand."
Já adivinho a bastardização da marca Ferrari, dentro de uns anos pode estar ao nível da Audi ou da BMW.

Citações sobre a Gucci retiradas de "The Strategist" de Cynthia A. Montgomery

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