segunda-feira, setembro 29, 2014

"making sense of value creation and co-creation" (parte VI)

Parte I, parte II, parte IIIparte IV e parte V.
Mais um exemplo das palavras-chave:

  • interacção + co-produção = co-criação de valor
  • co-criação de valor + utilização = experiência de criação de valor
"Today, customization is commonplace for a variety of goods from cars to jeans to computers to many others. Technological advancements are making it easier and more cost-effective for brand owners to reach consumers on a more personal level.
However, the expectation of tailored products and services has especially blossomed in the digital and 3D printing age. So what’s next? We’re now seeing a trend where products go beyond mass customization to individualization, truly meeting the needs of each unique person."

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