quinta-feira, setembro 18, 2014

A co-criação de valor, para fugir do showrooming

Uma tese interessante, "The Co-Creation of Value - An empirical study of value creation in physical bookstores". Como é que, apesar da ameaça da venda online de livros, algumas livrarias clássicas, livrarias físicas, conseguem fazer a diferença e continuar a crescer?
"The investigated booksellers are working with all of the three interaction facilitators; servicescape, shopping event as well as employee competence to create interaction in store that thereafter through relating, communicating and knowing increase the customer perceived value.
The success behind the booksellers is based on their niche and personal approach that is thoroughly implemented in their offerings, which will create a community feeling. The personal relationship with the customers gives a structural support for the communication that in the end increase the knowledge. However, the knowledge renewal was more vital for the employees in order to provide personal service."
"Brick-and-mortar stores should fully acknowledge the importance of
interacting with customers, by implementing servicescape, shopping event and employee competence with a personal touch. It is important to be as physical as possible and use the store as a social meeting place. The store should create a unique atmosphere, where like-minded customers socialize. The employee competence is vital for the brick-and-mortar stores in order to provide personal service."
A lição retirada destas livrarias pode ser generalizada, para vários sectores que sofrem a ameaça do comércio online, apostar na batota.

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