domingo, agosto 31, 2014

“The main strength of Hermès is the love of craftsmanship”

"At Hermès any lasting premium derives from mystique. After all, selling a commodity ultimately boils down to one thing: price. But selling beautiful objects that people don’t inherently need? That requires a more complicated formula that Hermès has mastered:
Hermès doesn’t have a marketing department.
Why should it? McKinsey doesn’t have a consulting department nor does Microsoft have a software department. Marketing is Hermès’ core business.
To instill this ethos in the company, all new employees are steeped in Hermès’ desire-creating culture through three-day sessions called “Inside the Orange Box” (so named for the signature packaging) that trace the company back to Thierry Hermès and give a history of each of the product categories (or “métiers,” in Hermès-speak, which is French for a trade). Thus every Hermès employee can wax philosophical about the Kelly bag, the trapezoidal saddle bag from the 1890s that Axel Dumas’ grandfather transformed into a women’s handbag and that Grace Kelly made iconic."
Trechos retirados de "Inside Hermès: Luxury's Secret Empire"

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