quarta-feira, agosto 13, 2014

Barreiras ao emprego

Interessante este artigo "Do Hiring Credits Work in Recessions? Evidence from France" de Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo e Thomas Le Barbanchon.
Nas conclusões pode ler-se:
"This paper shows that a hiring credit targeted at small …firms and low wage workers did have a signi…ficant impact on employment in France during the 2008-2009 recession. The hiring credit, although non-conditional on net job creation, did not induce fi…rms to increase layoffs in order to hire workers at lower cost.
the zéro charges program was targeted at low wages, which are very rigid in France, because the minimum wage is very high and almost all workers are covered by sectoral collective agreements that are binding on small fi…rms. It is likely that the strong wage rigidity contributed to the positive employment impact of zéro charges, meaning that permanent hiring credits, or hiring credits not targeted at low wages, could have a much weaker employment impact."
Pois, e o aumento do salário mínimo não afecta o nível de desemprego...

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