quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2014

Acerca da estratégia

Hoje, durante uma reflexão estratégica, não me vou esquecer destas palavras:
"In any business, value is created or destroyed in the market with customers, not in planning sessions or training seminars. Without credible sales input, any strategy runs the risk of dealing with yesterday’s market realities, not today’s. Conversely, daily selling efforts—successful or unsuccessful, smart or stupid—constrain and redirect strategies in often unintended ways. Selling in your firm can’t generate sustained returns if it’s not linked to your strategy."
BTW, mais uma fonte para corroborar as consequências da falta de alinhamento entre estratégia e execução:
"Selling is, by far, the most expensive part of implementation for most firms. Yet, relatively few strategies - some studies indicate less than 10% - carry through to successful execution and, on average, companies deliver only 50-60% of the financial performance that their strategies and sales forecasts promise. That’s a lot of wasted effort and money. Similarly, a recent survey of more than 1,800 executives across industries found that their biggest challenges are ensuring that day-to-day decisions are in line with strategy and allocating resources in a way that supports strategy."

Trechos retirados de "You Can’t Do Strategy Without Input from Sales"

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