terça-feira, maio 20, 2014

Isto é tão interessante

""Operating margins at the world’s 10 largest automotive suppliers are on average 4 percentage points higher than those of the 10 largest carmakers, according to Strategy&.
Continental, the world’s second-largest car part supplier by revenue, recorded an earnings before interest and tax margin of 9.8 per cent last year. Carmakers General Motors and Fiat, two of Continental’s biggest customers, reported margins of 5.5 per cent and 3.4 per cent respectively."
Suppliers can demand a bigger slice because they are much harder to replace. GM may want to tell Continental to take a hike, but without the in-house capability to develop new components plus make them around the world, GM has little choice but to give when Continental asks for more."
Há um caso em Portugal, não no sector automóvel, onde isto um dia vai acontecer. Um dia o "dono do mercado" vai descobrir que, como externalizou tudo o que dizia respeito ao trabalho e planeamento no terreno, os seus quadros de gabinete já não poderão fazer a coisa voltar atrás.

Trecho retirado de "Shifting power in auto supply chains"

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