segunda-feira, maio 19, 2014

Concorrentes estúpidos

A classificação não é minha:
"The financial strength, number, and pricing-savvy of your competitors will all affect the price you can charge.
Stupid competitors can lower profits for all companies, sometimes even making an entire industry unprofitable. My definition of stupid competitors includes the following:
  • Those who will always cut price to make a sale. They often find themselves in price wars that nobody wins.
  • Those so addicted to the sales boost that they run constant sales, causing consumers to devalue the “fair” price for that type of product or service.
  • Those who see the industry leader raising prices and don’t at least consider jumping on the bandwagon."
Trecho retirado de "Setting profitable prices : a step-by-step guide to pricing strategy - without hiring a consultant" de Marlene Jensen.

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