terça-feira, abril 22, 2014

"Resources are not, they become"

Uma nota interessante retirada da leitura de  "Service-Dominat Logic: Premises, Perspectives, Possibilities" de Robert Lusch e Stephen Vargo.
"to adopt the view of not what resources are, but rather what they become. This is the essential nature of resources, and so we define them as anything, tangible or intangible, internal or external, operand or operant, that the actor can draw on for increased viability.
"Resources are not, they become." [Moi ici: Pensei logo nos licenciados desempregados deste país] This is a simple but profound statement and central to understanding the nature of the service-centered view. At the foundation of its meaning is recognizing that some actors' skills and knowledge determine "resourceness." Resourceness reflects the quality and realization of potential resources, through the process of human appraisal and action, which then transforms potential resources into realized resources."

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