segunda-feira, abril 21, 2014

Qual é o seu negócio?

"Understanding what business you are in and why that matters to customers is what enables you to differentiate your brand. That understanding helps you to narrow the focus of your business strategy. If your purpose is to delight customers with the best customer service on the planet, for example, then your strategy will revolve around hiring, training, and retaining the best staff. Understanding the business you are in is the first step toward making your product or service something that the market values beyond its utility. Good businesses become great brands when their truth intersects with the truth of what it is their customers really want.
"What business are you in? [Moi ici: E o seu negócio não é o que faz, o seu negócio é o que ajuda os clientes a atingir] Are you selling coffee or lifestyle? Renting rooms online or giving people the opportunity to connect and experience a city in new ways? Or…? What do your customers want from you? Would they like a product or support? Gym membership or improved health and wellness? How do your customers want to feel? Connected, informed, reassured, special, excited, happy, fulfilled, and on and on. Have you asked them? What can you do to get them there? Do your team members make an effort to remember regular customers’ names and orders? Starbucks has a whole website, called, dedicated to getting customer feedback and suggestions. Does your website have a blog with comments where customers can share their views? Are you using social media to really listen to your customers?"
Trechos retirados de "The fortune cookie principle : the 20 keys to a great brand story and why your business needs one" de  Bernadette Jiwa

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