quarta-feira, janeiro 29, 2014

Um exemplo para a sua empresa

Ao ler "Car-sharing rivals: Here is how to fight Uber" recordei logo aquela frase de Beinhocker sobre as estratégias não serem eternas e, sobre como o sucesso cria as raízes para o insucesso futuro:
"Uber is going for scale (Moi ici: Para aproveitar, para capitalizar o sucesso actual, tomou esta opção legítima) — a landgrab if you may — and as a result it is paying a lot less attention to the quality of drivers it is trying to bring on board. The more drivers it has, the faster Uber can take you to your destination. Just as Google used supersonic web-speed to serve up search results and made us addicts of their service, Uber is looking to use scale — more cars and more drivers — to reduce time to dispatch and time to destination. It is a smart and winning strategy, except it comes at a cost. (Moi ici: Os famosos trade-offs, não há almoços grátis)
While Google can tweak its algorithms to control quality, Uber has no such option. As Uber has scaled, it has brought on a lot of untried drivers: folks who might have cleaner cars, but who struggle with even basic tasks such as knowing what routes to take without the help of a GPS, so you end up giving them directions. There are other qualitative issues, often pertaining to driving skills. Many would say that you get what you pay for, but these issues are not unique to UberX and have spread to the higher-end service as well.
For Uber rivals, this is another substantial opening. Price cuts and pink mustaches are only going to get you so far against a company that has scaled so quickly and has hundreds of millions of venture dollars at its disposal. By having tighter controls around quality of cars and driver qualifications those rivals can start to offer a qualitatively better experience, and start to carve out a niche for themselves.
Just as people go to Nordstrom for a better service experience versus say Macy’s or Bloomingdales, the rivals can make themselves known for quality. Maybe it is time for rivals to develop different strategies and stop trying to out-Uber Uber."
Perante um concorrente maior, com mais poder de marketing, com vantagem de custos, com... não desespere. Não coloque o seu futuro no exterior, no papá-Estado por exemplo. Assuma o locus de controlo no interior e analise a situação.
Como podemos fazer a diferença?
Onde podemos ter uma vantagem?
Onde podemos fazer batota?
Onde podemos copiar David na sua luta com Golias?
Qual o pior terreno para o Golias se movimentar?

Já depois de escrito e alinhado para publicação, li "Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives"

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