terça-feira, dezembro 24, 2013

"will soon be household commodities"

E voltaremos aos impostos sobre os isqueiros...
"Hardware analysts at IDC are estimating that 3D printer shipments will grow 10 times in the period between now and 2017. Printers, once the provenance of hackers and engineers, will soon be household commodities."
O mundo criado com a Revolução Industrial e, os conceitos e mundivisão que vieram acoplados, vão mudar... a começar pelo que entendemos por emprego.
"Furthermore, patents controlling the process of laser sintering are set to expire in 2014, thereby opening up new possibilities for the new home 3D printer. Because patents often discourage the small manufacturer from exploring a particular technology, this patent expiration should improve things considerably in the metal and plastic printing front."  
 Bem vindos a Mongo, ao Estranhistão.

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