terça-feira, dezembro 17, 2013

A propósito de ir às causas-raiz

"Chris taught me the difference between single and double-loop learning. Single-loop learning focuses exclusively on actions and outcomes. When we find an outcome we do not like, we tend to revisit and redesign our actions to achieve a better outcome. For instance, when we figure out that stock options do not create the incentives we wish they did, we try deferred stock units instead.
Double-loop learning does not simply go back to action; it goes further to the theories and thinking that informed that action. It challenges and redesigns the thinking. ... In single-loop mode, we iterate and spin on action, honing and refining without addressing the big questions that can dramatically alter outcomes."
O single-loop learning não põe em causa o sistema, não questiona a sua existência. Promove o tratamento superficial, epidémico, sintomático.

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