sábado, novembro 23, 2013

Network-centric perspective

Agora que terminei a leitura de "The Wide Lens" de Ron Adner encontro este "Call for papers":
"Value creation is the main objective of any business. Historically, value has been created inside the firm and then distributed to the market. This firm-centric perspective has established the role of the firm as the creator of value and separated the market from the value creation process. With the rapid pace of technological innovation, the scope of value creation has expanded to include a broader range of activities with other business entities. In other words, value is created in a collaborative network where various stakeholders can share their knowledge and experience in the design and development of new products/services. This network-centric perspective is called value co-creation. For example, UPS and Toshiba have agreed on a new laptop repair process in which UPS picks up broken Toshiba laptops, fixes them in its own facilities and returns them to their owners within four days. Another good example is the BMW Group’s Co-Creation Lab, a website for consumers who want to share their thoughts on BMW products/services. Those consumers can access a variety of projects directly from the website and contribute their suggestions. Clearly, the co-creation view has become central in the development of new products/services."

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