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Acerca do Estranhistão e a cegueira do mainstream

O Estranhistão segundo Plantes em "Business-to-individual business models will win out in the Connected Customer Era"
"you must redesign your business models, processes, systems and even culture to serve each customer as a market of onean individual that you know versus a member of a uniform target market described by its averages. (Moi ici: Recordar o que escrevemos sobre os fantasmas estatísticos e o olhar olhos nos olhos. Enfim, sobre a miudagem)
Customers have always preferred personalization, but it was too expensive. Their desire for personalization is finally realistic because software solutions enable organizations to know each customer as an individual, and software and manufacturing technologies enable us to customize the offering and experience at every customer touch point. Just as companies that stuck with poor quality and historic business models in earlier eras got disrupted, companies that continue to treat a customer as a non-differentiated member of a uniform target market will be disrupted in the new era.
value promises must be tailored to the customer’s unique needs and revenue models and value chains individualized to maximize customer value at every customer touch point, leading to loyalty-building customer experiences.
The cultural demands of the Connected Customer Era will be great. Each employee and customer becomes a vital component in personalized value chains, demanding far more collaboration internally and with customers than in years past. (Moi ici: Aqui está o potencial para uma grande vantagem competitiva para as PMEs, a facilidade no tratamento individualizado, personalizado, pessoal) All employees, not just the sales and marketing department, are now part of the marketing message. Furthermore, with customers having more of a window into companies, and the ability to share positive and negative reviews with others through social media, a company’s culture must authentically align with its brand promise.
The need to become a B2I – Business to Individual ­– company holds true even if, as a B2B company, you have a small customer base. You must engage in two-way conversations with a larger set of decision makers, influencers and users in your target market about broader topics, (Moi ici: O ecossistema da procura) surfacing fresh ideas about unmet needs and opportunities. You prevent disruption by designing individualized value propositions and value chains that maximize value at every touch point."
 Isto é um festival para a batota da concorrência imperfeita.
Infelizmente, o mainstream continua a querer combater as batalhas do século XX... eficientismo, escala:
"companies that continue to treat a customer as a non-differentiated member of a uniform target market"
Recordo "O gozo do puto anónimo de província" e "Mas claro, eu só sou um anónimo engenheiro da província"

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