sábado, outubro 26, 2013

Cuidado com os descontos

"Then, out of curiosity – let’s call it “research” - I asked if I was entitled to a volume discount since I was buying so much. Without giving it a second thought, the butcher chopped the per pound price from $8 to $6. As a consumer I appreciated the $60 savings - but as a consultant who helps businesses optimize their pricing, I wondered if the butcher realized how much of the store’s operating profit margin disappeared due to his hastily-considered discount.
While there are sound reasons to provide volume discounts, most companies over use them and offer them with too little thought. The next time you are contemplating offering a volume discount, ask yourself, “Do I really have to do this?” Back in my gourmet store, I’d already committed to buying 30 pounds of Korean ribs, discount or no discount. It was a classic case of a manager extending a discount that took a wholly unnecessary slice out of profits."
O lookingforjohn vai recordar uma cena deste tipo.

Trecho retirado de "When It’s Wise to Offer Volume Discounts"

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